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And so it begins…. Apparatus April! 🦋

How do Mat exercises translate to the Reformer, Low Chair, or the Tower? Vice versa? Or how do Apparatus make Mat exercises more fluid? Or Reformer exercises more challenging on a different apparatus? How many exercises can we do on several apparatus?

Pilates exercises might be appropriate for some students but may not be for others, but can be done on different props such the spine corrector. Join us as we explore and challenge ourselves for this ever changing month of April.

Looking for more change in your body, your mind, your LIFE?  Try a different class, take a lesson, stop by our FREE Mat class and Open House and learn more what Pilates will do for you.  I’ve been reflecting on how strong and committed our TriPilates family is these past few days now that we’ve completed March MATness. Our students and this community make me so proud everyday! As a THANK YOU to those who participated, we’re hosting a FREE Mat Class on April 6th.

Additionally this event will serve as an Open House from 12-2pm to those wishing to explore what Pilates is all about! Come stop by and see how you could find your Core Connection this Spring!

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