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TriPilates’ mission is closely aligned with our 2022 theme:


Inherent in the name, “TRY” Pilates is the simple suggestion: DO it.  Remember, Yoda did say – there is no try, only do. It’s a very clever double meaning, though!

The branded TriPilates name represents the “tri-partite” Body, Mind, Spirit – the essence of Pilates – Whole Body Health, Whole Body Movement, and Breath. Learning “control” of our movements is the ultimate journey – because in doing so, we use our minds.

NOW is a perfect time to restart your Pilates practice! In fact, if there are any reservations, injuries, time constraints, or lack of motivation, TriPilates is here to help because it is your mind that is limiting your belief. August is known as the lazy hazy days of Summer, when in fact it can be SO MUCH MORE!  Time to get your MIND into the practice of moving well! Many have heard me say, “Your brain is always trying to figure out where your hips are” AND that your body is ALWAYS listening to your MIND.

Upcoming short webinar topics:

Relaxation Techniques in Pilates

Stretch vs Mobility

Find Your Feet, Hip Strength

Breathing Patterns, Core Connections

Upper Body Focus, Wrist strength 

What are you curious about the most?

This is EXACTLY our theme: EMPOWER YOU in 2022.

Let us guide you to embody YOUR GOALS. Who feels it, knows it!

See you at the studio soon!

Debbie, Fran, and Candice

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