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Oh my! 36 years ago I coughed so hard I cracked a rib from chronic bronchitis and on Valentine’s Day 2022 we celebrate TriPilates’ 15 years strong! Yes, our business license arrived on 2/14 and my late husband was officially my first student. (That “Star” is the best I could do on that date! Lots of good energy, for sure. We went from working from our home (with four little kids), to joining the women in business at the chamber, to the original location for 5 crazy years and now here for 10 through the pains and joys of living a full life! TriPilates is a Happy Place!

You know the expression, build it and they will come? TriPilates came from my heart wanting to share this incredible Pilates journey with YOU, in a more affordable and accessible way. We ran four mentorship programs to guide aficionados to become wonderful teachers, hosted many workshops ranging from Scoliosis, Franklin Method, MELT Method, Teens Groups, to Introductory and Advanced Pilates, to jumping into the virtual world to keep our community together during these past few years. Thank you for sticking with us, welcome if you are new, and to those of you still wanting to come in or come back, we are still HERE! Our TriPilates tribe is a safe, mindful, and healthy community of like-minded friends who learn how movement heals on every level – body, mind, spirit!

Empower You in 2022 is our “theme” as we slowly but surely return to a new normal! Whether you need to get and stay out of pain, to feel more energy, fitness, and strength, stretch and relax, we have you covered. TriPilates is a customized, private, classically based studio that serves our communities’ many needs. How can we help YOU? This is our strong suit – empowering YOU – whether it’s in a small group class or private lesson.

Every moment is precious, every breath we take and experience we share is a gift. Pilates friends are the best, truly friends for LIFE! We love you all so very much and appreciate your business and commitment to Pilates. With hope and love always – and ready for a 15 year celebration party as soon as we can! Until then, remember to breathe (do “The Hundred!”) Reach out, help one another, be generous and kind. Always.

Remember ‘March Matness’? It’s around the corner with video highlights of each and every exercise – the stars of the show? YOU!
(please contact us if you are interested in helping out!)

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