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TriPilates is a classical private studio ready to lead you in your Pilates journey. Experience life staying strong, positive and healthy! We celebrate 16 years in business, ready to help you find freedom in movement and in life in 2023!


TriPilates strives to be a welcoming place for all people regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. We vow to stand with promoting justice for all people today and always.


– TriPilates Founder, Debbie Harris


What People are Saying

“Warm & Welcome”

“Debbie was wonderful – warm, kind, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. I also really liked the space itself – it was bright and welcoming.”

Laura S.

“Amazing Staff”

“All the instructors at TriPilates are exceptional. Every session leads to a stronger core and more flexibility. ”

John D.

“Double The Stars”

“I give it a 10 out of 10 because the TriPilates experience has helped change and transform my physical, mental and spiritual life.”

Steve D.

“Individual Attention”

“The fitness pros at TriPilates provide a personalized approach. Each student gets hands-on guidance and attention.”

Mona R.


TriPilates Virtual Classes


Join us from anywhere! The availability of our virutal classes is ongoing. Our Monday Mat is live streamed and you can also contact Debbie to request a zoom private lesson for just yourself or a group. 


Core Strength & Flexibility

Correct Posture


Injury Prevention

Sense of Well-being

Enhanced Sports Performance

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Our News And Events

Feel Fit and Flexible this Fall @TriPilates

Feel Fit and Flexible this Fall @TriPilates

Change is in the air! Find connection and energy with the help of our TriPilates community! Are you feeling the shift already?? We are! What a glorious Summer it's been, welcoming many new students and those returning after a break for one reason or another.  We are...



As the longest day of the year comes and goes and we breeze into Summer, consider this question:  How Free do you want to be? Never in my wildest dreams did I think that coughing so hard that I cracked a rib due to chronic bronchitis would lead to years later helping...

Welcome Spring, slowly but surely, exactly how Pilates is meant to be learned and practiced! Most of you know, I love to go fast, and to be in “control” of that speed (ski, rollerblade, swim), but not a fan of say, rollercoasters or spinning teacups! As we see the...

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